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Hello friends, I hope everyone is doing well.
I'm here to make an announcement, I need money. I need moneies for two reasons; one getting a new place and I need the cash to drop on new appliances like a refrigerator. I also would like to have a site set up for my comics because it would be nice to organize and have categories inside of categories. So I would like to be able to do one of these and eat.  Edit: I should have added my car yo the list cause now I don't have airbags.

*I will NOT be accepting DA Points. That's not real money, I need real money. You know cause I have bills and I need to eat and shit.*
*I will draw anything and everything. Yes this includes NSFW.*
*I will try to get your commission done within a week of you I confirm I can indeed do your commission, if I can't I will give you another estimate and if I can't make that deadline then you get your money back 100%.*
*You can only ask for one change, ONLY ONE. I will not redo your commission over and over again, please don't take advantage of me.*
*If you order two commissions you get one of a lesser value for free. EX: You order two sketches you get three, you order two line arts and you get a free sketch. You order two full body colored and shaded pieces, you get one full body flat color for free.*

Sketches- 2.50+

Busts (inked)- $5+

Busts (colored and inked)- $7.50+

Full body (inked)- $10+

Full body (Colored and inked)- $15+

Adding $2.00 for additional characters/individuals.

Order HERE, I only have so much time so if you don't order first you may have to wait a bit.
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